March 21-24, 2019 • Hilton Chicago • Chicago, Illinois

Student Volunteer Program

Student Volunteer Program

Are you reliable, hard-working and organized? Are you able to commit time out of your schedule to assist with the ACSM Registration Area, student help desk, logistics, and other areas during the Summit? If you’re willing and able to help, you will be asked to help in many different areas including pre-registration duties, name badge data-entry, session and workout room checks, plus other tasks as needed.

You must be registered for the Summit before you sign up to volunteer to qualify. From the options given, please choose a total of 4 units. This will either be one 4 unit slot, or two 2 unit slots. You may not choose more than 4 units (unless you choose one of the 7 unit slots, described below).

Your commitment is important to us. We depend on the volunteers to help with vital components of running a successful meeting. Student volunteers will receive half off of their registration, reimbursed post-meeting for completing a total of 4 units. There may be a few slots that are 7 hours, where you will receive your full registration reimbursed post-meeting.

Ensure you are registered for the meeting, and you will receive an email in January letting you know that the sign up is open and that you can go in and sign up to volunteer.

If you have any questions you can also email Danielle Apostolidis at