March 21-24, 2019 • Hilton Chicago • Chicago, Illinois


Preconference Events

All preconferences require separate registration and will be held on Thurs., March 21


Outlines of each preconference will be provided on site to registrants.


BOSU® Next Generation Balance Training


Doris Thews




BOSU® Training goes far beyond balance training! In this four-hour course you will learn the next generation of theory and science behind neuromotor training, and apply that science to practical programming that is purposeful and fun. Experience new methods to enhance movement technique and create exciting workouts with the BOSU® Balance Trainer. Using the BOSU® Exercise Library, you’ll practice all of the skills necessary to deliver two dynamic total body workouts that can be integrated into training programs or classes for clients of all fitness levels. Take the versatility of BOSU® Training to a whole new level and be prepared to amplify results!


Career Development and Leadership

Laurie Milliken

Heather Chambliss

Bryan Mattimore

Paul Gallo

Francis Neric


This preconference will provide the attendee with an understanding of the importance of career planning, goal setting, leadership, networking, entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, and professional development. Methods used to enhance each of the aforementioned components of career development and leadership will be discussed over a series of four presentations. Presentations will provide evidence-based strategies to career development, along with relevant examples and group work experiences, to allow for the attendee to start applying techniques to their own career pathway. The preconference will conclude with a panel discussion with all presenters. This preconference is intended for both the student and professional.

Keiser Indoor Cycling-Foundations


Krista Popowych



At Keiser, we value education. Keiser Foundations is a full-day training course that applies all the required information needed to instruct group indoor cycling classes. Our education team is primed and ready to educate trainers and instructors from around the globe on indoor cycling. The Keiser Indoor Cycling Foundations Course is the first step on an indoor cyclists road to effective and engaging rides and instruction. Attendees receive both practical and theoretical training by a Master instructor, a detailed training manual, certificate of completion, CEC’s and links to the Keiser Community.



TriggerPoint™ Myofascial Compress™ Techniques: The Evolution of Foam Rolling


Sylvie Patrick



Take your knowledge of self-myofascial release beyond just foam rolling. This 8-hour, hands-on workshop focuses on the practical application of TriggerPoint’s Myofascial Compression™ Techniques, a systematic approach to address the body’s soft tissue. Learn how to apply these techniques to improve mobility, increase range of motion and enhance performance for an overall improvement in the body’s biomechanics. You will leave this course with an in-depth, practical knowledge of how to properly teach these techniques to increase the performance and training results your clients receive in your sessions.




FMS: Identifying and Tackling Mobility Issues



Lee Burton





Too often people have difficulty accessing fundamental movements that are required for not only higher-level activities but also simple daily tasks. This is becoming a problem more and more in our society. In order to combat this, we must first identify individuals with these issues, and then provide the best interventions possible. We must ensure there is a requisite amount of mobility, stability and strength to move well. By following this model, we are setting the stage for long-term sustainability and vitality. During this pre-conference session, the focus will be on why it is important to first identify and establish mobility. There will be specific screens and tests presented and demonstrated that serve to establish mobility baselines within movement patterns. Specific techniques and progressions to enhance mobility and flexibility problems will also be presented and demonstrated.



Student Accelerator: Connect, Inform and Inspire- A Toolkit to Growing your Presence in the Fitness Industry

Tatiana Kolovou

Yuri Feito

Trisha VanDusseldorp


Invest in your future by attending the Summit student precon specifically designed to help you with your professional preparation.

Learn how to craft your personal pitch in a way that makes you stand out. Craft your resume (bring a current one to the session) for action verbs, measurable outcomes and visual language that tell your unique story. Refine your networking skills to help you build your connections in the industry and beyond.

This FREE session is designed to take your professional polish to the next level. Sign up today!!!

Bring a current version of your resume with you!

IAWHP- The Expansion of Worksite Health Promotion: Integration, Improvement, and Impact

Talya Williams

Alberto Ogata

George Pfeiffer


This IAWHP workshop will highlight the key areas of concentration required for health promotion practitioners to successfully navigate the worksite health landscape. Industry leaders will share current best practices and specific practitioner skills needed for creating and sustaining a healthy organizational culture.