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Worksite Health Promotion

We all need to practice the art of activity in every facet of life, including the workplace. Employers around the world are experiencing the benefit of keeping their staff healthy. Now, your clients can hear directly from you how to lower absentee rate, improve the overall health of employees and implement coaching and exercise programs to increase productivity in the workplace.

How to Engage an Aging Workforce with Wellness

Meaghan Jansen

Meaghan Jansen is the owner of Canada’s leading and award-winning employee and corporate wellness company, Employee Wellness Solutions Network (EWSNetwork). EWSNetwork provides integrative, strategic and comprehensive wellness solutions to Canadian organizations. Into its 13th year, EWSNetwork has developed to include on site wellness, digital wellness and mental health solutions for the workplace. Meaghan’s roles have included strategic wellness program design, program management, new product development and customer service. Meaghan completed her BSc. and BA in New Brunswick before moving to London, Ontario to complete her MSc. at Western University. She is an Advisory Board member of the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine and the 20 Under 40 Foundation, a member of the IAWHP, a corporate wellness specialist, and a marathon runner. Her passion is healthy living and she is a dynamic and accomplished International speaker.


Workforces are aging. Demographics are changing. The landscape of wellness has also shifted. The Boomers and Gen X’ers are working longer and longer. This change is impacting employers and the workplace culture. Wellness can provide a common meeting ground for employees of all generations and also help to keep the older worker productive and engaged as they prepare for retirement.

Ready to Move: A Unique University Work site Wellness Initiative

Carol Kennedy-Armbruster

Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, PhD, FACSM did her undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois. She received her masters in exercise science from Colorado State University and completed her PhD in Human Performance at Indiana University. She is certified by ACSM as a Certified Exercise Physiologist (ECP) and Level 1 Exercise is Medicine professional. Her research based 3rd edition textbook on Methods of Group Exercise Instruction is utilized in universities worldwide. She is on the editorial board of the ACSM Health and Fitness Journal and serves on the ACSM Exercise is Medicine Board of Directors. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at Indiana University/Bloomington School of Public Health. As a “prac-ademic” she prides herself on the integration of practice and research methods. She enjoys the challenge of community engagement research and evaluation that contribute to enhancing the well-being of others.


Jaclyn Hadfield

Jac lives to engage with others. She is dedicated towards research pursuits that come from her engagement with the individuals she has been able to learn from, work with, or teach in and out of the world of health and fitness. She has been able to engage with various populations with her experience as a nationally certified group exercise instructor, Schwinn Cycling Instructor, and Associate Instructor within the School of Public Health at Indiana University. Currently, her work focuses on her doctoral research to examine the factors that contribute to group exercise participation and the social impacts group exercise can have on populations. She holds a M.S. in Physical Activity, Fitness, and Wellness and is a Health Behavior doctoral student at Indiana University.


Mariah Deinhart

Mariah is a MPH student within the IU-Bloomington School of Public Health focusing on physical activity translational research. She received her B.A. in Health Promotion with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness at the University of Northern Iowa. Mariah has a passion for helping others improve their health and well-being through movement. As a Graduate Assistant at Indiana University, she works with the University’s worksite wellness program to provide outcome analysis for program enhancement. ​




Wondering how to get students involved in university work site wellness initiatives? Interested in learning how a work site wellness program, unique to a university setting, improved student learning and movement outcomes? Get ideas on how to integrate work site wellness initiatives with student learning experiences while at the same time creating translational research outcomes. Leave with practical program development tips that focus on participants who are in movement “contemplation” from a program that worked.

Re-treat Your Wellness Committee and Champions

Stephen Cherniak

Steve joined the Marsh & McLennan Agency as an Employee Health Management Consultant after a 21 year career in directing health management and physical rehabilitation programs at Ford Motor Company.   In that position, he had responsibilities for all of Ford’s 100,000+ employees and their health promotion programs nationwide.


Steve applies those years of experience and expertise to his MMA client-partners in program strategy and development, along with other developing industry trends including:  incentive program design, federal wellness regulatory compliance, outcomes-based program design and management.  All key for the purpose of integrating health management as a successful business strategy with an organization.


Steve holds graduate degrees in exercise physiology and business administration.  He is a certified CDC Work@Health trainer; and certified ACSM personal fitness trainer.  Steve serves as an adjunct instructor with Kennesaw State University, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors (Secretary/Treasurer) of the International Association of Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP), an affiliate organization of the American College of Sports Medicine.


This session will help organizations with established wellness committees learn how to sustain their committee’s motivation and effectiveness through the coordination and implementation of a wellness retreat event.

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