March 21-24, 2019 • Hilton Chicago • Chicago, Illinois

Master Class Workouts

Learn from the leaders in the field to enhance your group exercise programs or personal training business; we offer something for everyone. Our faculty are on hand to demonstrate new routines, equipment and concepts, as well as sharing their enthusiasm to help make you a better instructor. Broaden your horizon and try something new…your clients will thank you for bringing the latest and greatest their way!

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine® is a global health initiative managed by ACSM that seeks to make physical activity assessment and exercise prescription a standard part of the disease prevention and treatment paradigm for all patients. It strives to bridge the healthcare industry with the fitness industry so patients can benefit from the tremendous health benefits that exercise brings.

Social Media & Technology

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… the list goes on. Our presenters will share tools that are trending in the technology and social media arenas to help you stay current in the field. Integrating these tools into your current repertoire can improve client relationships, build worldwide networks and bring communication to a whole new level.

Select Populations

Children, elderly, handicapped and other groups may cross your path requiring specially designed programs to fit their individual needs. Clients with medical conditions, or those facing environmental and other unique challenges are of concern today. Learn strategies to help these individuals make significant lifestyle change.

Fitness Management & Communication

Business aspects are an important part of your career. Expand your repertoire to learn the latest in networking, social media, safety and management methods. Use client retention, marketing, hospitality and relationship-building to build a successful and lasting business.

Healthy Behavior Change & Motivation

Transform behavior by understanding the core challenges individuals face in their lives. Learn strategies to inspire change for your clients and add new techniques in motivation, communication and goal setting to promote healthy living.

Personal Training

In this industry you need to know what is hot, what works, and the latest tools to stay on top of your game. Explore credible research and outcome-based programming to help your clients optimize results. Learn from top fitness professionals and gain key take-aways you can use immediately.


Clients are now, more than ever, needing help with weight management and nutrition tips to maximize their overall health. This track will help arm you with the information necessary to answer the latest questions on: intake, supplements, fads/trends, and dieting strategies to help them reach their goals.

Worksite Health Promotion

We all need to practice the art of activity in every facet of life, including the workplace. Employers around the world are experiencing the benefit of keeping their staff healthy. Now, your clients can hear directly from you how to lower absentee rate, improve the overall health of employees and implement coaching and exercise programs to increase productivity in the workplace.

Sports Medicine

The continuum connecting medicine with fitness is integral in the field today. Building the relationship between doctor and patient is now shared by professionals in the fitness industry. Keep abreast of the risks associated with exercise programming and modifications you need to be aware of for your patients.

Exercise Programming

Clients and athletes alike depend on you to customize their fitness programs to reach their individual goals. Improve your techniques by incorporating the latest advancements in the fitness field from practitioners who have the experience and expertise only ACSM can offer.